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Bases, jigs and indexing

Posted by Marc 
Bases, jigs and indexing
October 31, 2013 10:54PM
Almost every video of the Handibot in use featured a specialized base of some kind. Can you guys post the files for those? Or at least the theory regarding them. In particular for beams it seemed to me the bases were made to position and possibly clamp the beam to a known relative location to the tool. When doing that is the idea that you then put the drawing for what you are cutting in the beam offset to that position in VCarve? Are we always working with a "material" size of 6x8, or is there ever a time where you'd clamp material under the machine and then set X/Y to an origin point on the material by jogging it there and then Z2?

It was said that you could create the larger manual indexer jig with the tool. Can we get some files and instructions on that please? That should include how to split the file from vcarve so we can manually move the tool.

The video of the guy drilling holes for European hinges is a great application. I can't figure out how I would drop this tool onto a cabinet door and put the hole where I want it. Is the trick Z2?
Re: Bases, jigs and indexing
November 01, 2013 12:43PM
" clamp material under the machine and then set X/Y to an origin point on the material by jogging it there and then Z2"

That is how I do it on a full size Bot. So I think the answer is yes. Russ
Re: Bases, jigs and indexing
November 06, 2013 10:16AM
Hi Marc,

We have been posting all of our open-source files and developer resources at [github.com]. You might want to create an account there to get started. We are planning a roll-out of these same resources at www.handibot.com to make it even easier to access Handibot and accessories design files, and cut files.

Everyone has their own way of working, but I like to use 6"x8" as my work area and draw the true dimensions of my work piece within it. Then I draw the features that will be toolpathed on top, with all lower layers locked. Almost always, my x/y zero is in the lower left corner so that I can use C3.

For manual indexing, we are favoring a simple straight edge with measured marks to alight the tool to for each tile. There will likely be further development in this area, but we are very happy with the results we are getting from the straight edge approach.

Re: Bases, jigs and indexing
November 07, 2013 03:40PM
Unfortunately, the current Github repository referenced only seems to contain an abstract BOM for the Handibot as well as some crude 3D models of the unit itself. There are no developer resources nor cut files, jigs, or associated tools of any kind that I could find within. As someone who received one of the first 10 'bots off the line, I've found little in the way of 'getting started' anywhere....online or otherwise. Perhaps my only recourse is to make a training trip to the factory?
Re: Bases, jigs and indexing
November 08, 2013 10:06AM
Hi Craig,

On Git, take a look in the handibot-hardware folder and models\HandibotV1.01.00.stp That is an export directly from our engineering model. For folks who have 3D modeling software that want to create accesories for Handibot this model has all of the geometry you would need to build off of. For folks that don't have full modeling software, we've also shared a simplified Sketchup model. While all of the components are not present in the simplified model, all of the geometry is there to cover what we think most folks will need to develop accessories. We realize accessory development won't be for everyone; for folks who want turn-key solutions we still have work to do. As these accessories become available, both developed by Shopbot and the Handibot community, Github will be the repository, with selected files also available at handibot.com.

You are of course welcome to come visit us for training, you can call us 888 680 4466 to schedule. Trainings are a great way to get familiar with using your tool quickly. For folks who can't visit us in person, we also have regular, free online trainings. Have a look at these links for more on this:


If you have questions that aren't covered in the User's Guide or by these resources, feel free to ask them here on the forum. We'd be happy to walk you through getting familiar with your tool.

Re: Bases, jigs and indexing
November 23, 2013 09:27PM
I asked for the files that correspond to the jigs in all of the videos you posted promoting this device for your KickStarter. I don't think that's unreasonable. Those jigs featured prominently in all of your materials. Why are you not releasing them?

I appreciate the engineering drawings for making our own jigs, but I'd rather have a known good jig to start from. I'm especially interested in the jigs you demonstrated for dimensional lumber.

The lack of engagement from ShobBot here is rather discouraging.
Re: Bases, jigs and indexing
November 25, 2013 12:37PM
Hi Marc,

The jigs we showed were all proof of concept. We are happy to share those with you, but hoped to get more finalized versions worked out before releasing them. We appreciate your patience as we make everything available to you. If you have any specific questions, I am happy to help.

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