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First Handibot project

Posted by Erich 
Re: First Handibot project
February 28, 2014 10:54AM
I realized last night that my Craftsman Workmate would easily hold the board in the proper orientation and then the Handibot can sit right on it. Should work great. The toolpath will simply be a up and down square step profile in Vcarve Pro. Should actually be pretty easy to do. I will give it a shot this weekend and post some pics.
Re: First Handibot project
February 28, 2014 11:06AM
A couple of people have done those sort of Dovetails on a Gantry-style ShopBot...here's an article from the ShopBot blog that might help:


When we first started thinking about Handibots I did a preliminary model of one possibility for an end-cutting jig, to attach to the end of a table and do this kind of stuff. I'll upload a model to the Sketchup 3dWarehouse in a little bit
Re: First Handibot project
February 28, 2014 11:34AM
The model is up in the shiny new Sketchup 3dwarehouse!

Re: First Handibot project
February 28, 2014 04:14PM
Okay I stand corrected, I was thinking of with the stock flat. Can't think of much in wood that it won't do with the right jig!
Re: First Handibot project
March 01, 2014 09:30AM
Hey Mark,

The interesting thing about all this is that there will be lots of folks coming up with tons of creative ways to do all kinds of jobs. The secret is to keep sharing, no matter how half-baked the ideas!!!

Here's a video that shows cutting dovetails out of flat sheets. The process is pretty clunky at the moment but the Vectric guys (the creators of VCarvePro) are working on automating the process of creating those flat-cut dovetails in a "gadget", which will make it pretty easy.


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