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Extra Input/Output

Posted by Chad 
Extra Input/Output
January 27, 2014 03:42PM
The information in the Kickstarter and I believe elsewhere on the site indicate that the Handibot has the capability to control at least one additional axis. I am interested in accessing that capability in order to use it to drive another motor for indexing. Is there any information available about how to access this capability or upgrade the machine in order to be able to use it?
Re: Extra Input/Output
January 28, 2014 02:16PM
Hi Chad,

First, you'll need a Gecko G250x driver which you can purchase from us or through any number of online resellers. Our interface board is ready to accept this driver as well as 4 motor wires.

Do you have a motor picked out already? What type of indexing do you have in mind? Rotary, Linear?

Re: Extra Input/Output
January 29, 2014 03:11PM

I do not have a motor picked out. I am starting to layout what would be required to build an X-Y table that could index material underneath a Handibot to allow it to operate more autonomously like a larger router. I have some Kerk screws, ways and linear bearings already that should work for the mechanical elements.

Does the Handibot have the ability to drive three additional axes? I thought I had read it had 6-axis capability.

Ultimately I could see doing some rotary indexing as well.

Re: Extra Input/Output
January 29, 2014 03:27PM
Hi Chad,

The control card and software are 6 axis ready. Beyond 4 axes you'll need an external driver that is powered seperately. You'll then splice the step and direction to the control card.

The easiest thing to do immediately is add the Gecko driver for the 4th axis and run the motor leads outside the electronics enclosure through the existing chase. We typically use a Wago connector on the end of the 4th axis cable so that the cable can be stowed away when the additional axis is not in use.

With that done, you'll be able to connect to your motor of choice (we've been using Oriental motors off our larger Alpha tools with good result, though they are spendy.) Our online store is opening very soon and, though not on day one, we do hope to offer supplies to help with automated indexing in the not too distant future.

Re: Extra Input/Output
February 28, 2014 03:04PM
What motor would you recommend for linear x/y indexing? I guess I would need two additional motors/drivers and pwr supply for the x/y indexing. I don't have a final design yet but am interested in the cost of the hardware to add the indexing.

I just purchased the HandiBot Developer Edition and received notice that it has shipped so I am eager to get some sort of automated indexing set up.

I would like to get the cost of the Gecko Driver and a motor(2 each?), along with recommended parts to mount to 80/20 material.

If there's already a design available for a similar indexing system I would be interested in suggestions.


Re: Extra Input/Output
February 28, 2014 04:37PM
Hi Gil,

For our prototypes we've been using the motor our standard gantry tools. We've had great experience with them, but they are relatively pricey at around $300 per motor and $300 per driver. Using the considerably less expensive Gecko G250x drivers is also a good possibility. Either way, you will need an external power source and a way to get step and direction to our controller. We'll be working on a document to describe the process.

We will be releasing manual indexing jigs very soon. Once those released, we'll be turning our attention to our automated indexing setup.

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