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Handibot for sale

Posted by tsipe 
Handibot for sale
October 08, 2018 07:29PM
I believe it is the Adventure Edition. I bought it shortly after the fab-mo version came out which I think is about 2.5 years ago. The only thing that has been cut on it was the first test cut. I just haven’t had any time to play with it and would rather see someone get some use out of it. $2500. For an extra $250 I’ll include a festool ct-sys mobile vac. Would prefer not to ship. I’ll drive within 150 ish miles from Akron, Oh to meet.
...Thanks for looking
open | download - 45F6640B-FCD3-47E2-AE1F-94352408EC2C.jpeg (3.21 MB)
Re: Handibot for sale
October 10, 2018 03:16PM
Tom: Sorry to see you go--I remember packing and shipping your tool! Best of luck to you in future projects. I'll see if there are any maker spaces in Ohio that might be interested.

Everyone else: Tom definitely has the current "Adventure Edition" handibot.
Re: Handibot for sale
November 09, 2018 03:56PM
Reduced to $2200
Re: Handibot for sale
February 01, 2019 02:46AM
still available?
Re: Handibot for sale
February 01, 2019 06:56PM
Yes it is.
Re: Handibot for sale
February 01, 2019 09:10PM
Yep. still available.
Re: Handibot for sale
February 04, 2019 03:41PM
I am sorry I just noticed that you did not want to ship it. I live in New Bern, NC which is the coast. So I am a bit far away.
Re: Handibot for sale
February 04, 2019 07:11PM
I’ll ship it if need be. And if you pay the shipping cost. PM me if you’re still interested.
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