December 02, 2019 12:38AM
I thought I had the idea of tiling down at least in the X-axis. I had it set for 6" with a 1/4" overlap but for some reason it wants to hit the x-limit on the anything after the first tile and messes up on the right hand side of each tile. Do I need to make it less than 6"? Is my overlap wrong?
Re: tiling
December 03, 2019 02:18PM
1/4 overlap on a 6" tile will require an extra 1/4 of cutting space to the "right" of the tile -- this is in the positive direction for your X axis. The handibot is set up to home the tool so that when it is a 6" it is only about 0.075" from the hard stop. So you don't currently have that extra 1/4" that you need. It may be possible to get it by changing how your tool homes. If you open up "macro 3" in your macro editor (this is the little folder icon on your dashboard" at the top of the code you'll see some variables:
$x_backoff = .075
$y_backoff = .075
$z_backoff = .075

try changing your x_backoff to 0.275 -- if the tool can home and return the x to zero without bumping into the left side of the machine, you're in the clear. This will permanently change your home position, so if you have any jigs that rely on a consistent homing position, remember that everthing will be shifted to the left by 0.2" from now on.
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