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raspberry pi re-flash

Posted by zimcru 
raspberry pi re-flash
December 23, 2019 10:31AM
I bought a new Handibot Adventure edition and it came with the dev version. I want to upgrade to the latest version but it seems the updater package is not installed as I can't connect to it on port 81. I tried installing the updater from fabmo GitHub site per their instructions but still am unable to connect. During the process I somehow broke something in the wifi settings as I can no longer connect to my router.

I'm wondering if my I'm best off re-flashing the pi to the original but didn't find the files on your website or instructions on how to do it.
Re: raspberry pi re-flash
December 27, 2019 02:57PM
The most recent raspberry pi image can be downloaded here: [drive.google.com]
You can flash the image to the SD card using a free tool like Balena Etcher.

There will soon be a new branch of software versions -- we had been releasing software to run on the Intel Edison -- which is what the latest version on github is. With the edison being discontinued, we've switched to the pi. It's a nice step up in performance, but requires a different build of the software.
Re: raspberry pi re-flash
December 28, 2019 08:46AM
Is there a version for a Pi 3 B+?
Hope everyone is doing fine during the pandemic.
I’m successfully installed the Raspberry pi image downloaded from Google Drive to a RP 3 and was able to enter the engine's Web page; everything seems to be working fine.
I kindly request the username and password to access the Fabmo Raspberry Pi via SSH.
Thanks in advance
Any luck getting the login and password working for the raspberry pi?

I just purchase a good used Handibot, it is supposed to be the Adventure version but it has an Edison installed.
A little glitchy, so I am wondering about upgrading. . .

Thanks for your time.
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