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    We are excited to announce that there are 50 new Handibot owners enjoying their tools. From what we’ve heard and seen, we have a very creative and diverse group making up our early-adopter Handibot community. We hope more of you will join in and show off how you are using, or plan to use, your Handibot. For those of you that pledged for an early-delivery tool, your wait is nearly over; the remainder of these tools is scheduled to ship this week. Our production crew has been working tirelessly on the first batch and will begin work on the December group of tools next week.

    In other news, we’ve hosted several inspiring groups of Kickstarter backers who pledged to receive training at our headquarters in Durham, NC. These groups included artists, educators, makers, woodworkers, entrepreneurs, and others hoping to enhance their work with Handibot. Within 15 minutes we had each group using their Handibots to customize our training tables with carved graffiti of their own design. We very much enjoyed both teaching and learning from these groups of Handibot early adopters; and we hope these folks will continue to spread their enthusiasm, knowledge, and ideas with the rest of our community.

    Speaking of our community, do take a minute and visit us at www.handibot.com/forum/. You can register and start out simply by introducing yourself. If you’d like, tell us a little about your background and what you plan to do with Handibot. The forum will be the main hub of activity for all things Handibot. Have a technical question about your Handibot? You are sure to get a swift response either from a Shopbot employee or another knowledgeable Handibot owner on the forum. Want to share an idea or get inspired by other’s ideas? As our community grows, the forum will become a repository for Handibot-related projects. We hope you will join us!

    Other areas you will be able to learn about at handibot.com are developer resources and our open source effort. We’ve been working toward sharing information to help the Handibot developer community at https://github.com/ShopBotTools. Plans are in place to expand on this information and to make much of it available directly for download from our website, so stay tuned.

    That’s all for now; we hope to hear from many of you on the forum in the near future.


    A batch of tools receiving final inspection before being shipped to Kickstarter backers

    A batch of tools receiving final inspection before being shipped to Kickstarter backers


    A group of Kickstarter backers visiting Shopbot headquarters to receive training on their new Handibots



    David Bryan is an industrial designer at ShopBot Tools.

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