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    We’re just now opening up a new section of the Handibot Blog which will focus on the latest Handibot innovations. We have been feeling the need for a place where we could feature some of the Handibot tool hardware and software mods, prototypes, and ideas that are continuously occurring. Check out the first article here.

    There is a fine line between distracting you with too much experimentation and missing the opportunity to share some of the most interesting things we and others are doing with the tool. Having a separate “labs” area gives us a place to show stuff that may or may not make it to production, but seems of interest in any case. It also shows our tests of some of the tool accessory and app ideas that are continuously being posted on the Handibot HQ site.

    Handibot is an evolving platform and from the outset we have intended that its form and function would be dynamic. Yet, we also need to be practical in terms of having a tool that can be shared with those who would like to help put it to use now. So, we are committed to a process whereby every 6 months to a year we will update or “fix” the standard Handibot product that is shipped, and  the current “master” design that is shared on Github. But we also want to be able to share ideas that we and others are experimenting with. This is where “labs” comes in … a place for posting stuff that is being puttered with (as well as sharing specific designs and drawings in the Github-Handibot-Hardware pages).

    We got a little frustrated by not feeling able to share concepts in the early stages of working through our system for Handibot App Developers because of needing an initial framework and guidelines before laying out the general plans. Being able to share some of our work in “labs” would probably have been helpful in this earlier process, so we look forward to “labs” as a way of starting dialogues on a wide range of ideas for Handibot innovations in the future.

    You’ll be able to comment on labs postings. Think of them as “target-articles” for discussion. But we will also set up Handibot Forum threads for continuing discussion of any of the topics that seem particularly interesting.


    David Bryan is an industrial designer at ShopBot Tools.

    2 Responses to Announcing New Handibot Labs Blogs Area

    1. Mark Evans
      August 7, 2014 at 7:18 am

      First off, great work on the laser jig, so nicely minimized from Eric’s original. I have a quick question on it though, is there a compelling reason you used the lasers from Adafruit? The only reason I ask it I have several lasers left from doing my version of Eric’s work and if there is no compelling reason I will adjust the size of the holes and use them.


    2. Brian Owen
      Brian Owen
      August 7, 2014 at 12:13 pm

      Those Adafruit lasers were just a set that we had in the shop already and they were priced lower than anything I found at Digikey. The only thing that you might want to check with your lasers is that the line projected is long enough that it will reach the center of the tool. Try holding them 4 inches apart and 4 inches above a table surface. Point them at the table and switch them on; if the laser lines reach far enough that they can intersect as a cross hair on the table then they should work just fine for this sight. Good luck!

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