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    Shaper™... as easy as following a map.

    Shaper … as easy as following a map.

    We’ve recently received a number of notes from Handibot friends about the release of the new “Origin” shape-following router from Shaper™.

    Yep, we’re excited about it! It’s an amazing technology in a well thought-out and designed product that is helping call attention to new possibilities in “smart” power tools. We’re equally excited for the developers of the product – a team we have known and benefitted from for many years. As you’ll find acknowledged in Handibot’s “history” section, these people were part of a very innovative group of graduate students at MIT that inspired the Handibot design (and discussed it and critiqued it with us). The “auto-correcting” router appeared in its initial form as we were Kickstarting Handibot® – and we’ve been following their progress ever since.

    We share with the “Origin” developers a belief that there are real opportunities for digitally-controlled tools that are more portable and job-oriented than traditional, stationary, CNC. As a community, we think there is a shared understanding that for digital fabrication to be more naturally and universally adopted, the tools must be easy and fun to use. They need to get users more directly into producing things. “Origin” looks like a great new hands-on gateway for introducing a wide range of people to digital fabrication. Here’s the link to Shaper.

    Ted & Brian, Handibot


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