• Voted “Most APPealing”….Our First Round-Up of Idea Submissions.

    by  • October 9, 2013 • Handibot App HQ

    We’re so excited to see all of the wonderful app ideas coming to Handibot App HQ from people everywhere. We thought he had enough ideas in the “hopper” to take a look and see which ideas have earned the highest public rankings. Congratulations to Gregory Chapuisat, John King, and David Timperley!

    Greg’s idea for Japanese (and other) joints and tenons received the highest number of votes and most “stars” — so congratulations for placing Number One in this, our first semi-regular announcement. The Chapuisat Brothers from Switzerland have been making art installations (mainly in wood) since 2003. Their business motto is “In Wood We Trust.”woodtrustjoerg

    Greg shared this with us, “We want to be the first on the old continent (Europe) to have a HandiBot! We are interested by the portability of it. With a generator we could use it in the middle of the forest or on top of a mountain. We are also impatient to develop new hacks to push the machine in new directions.”

    You can learn more about the Chapuisat brothers on their website and their Facebook page.

    John King’s idea for a Jig Builder earned Second Place. John explains why he’s so interested in the potential for his Handibot tool: “Having the power of CNC easily available to people by the use of modern apps, as well as distributed manufacturing was sufficient to move me from considering purchase of a CNC system to supporting the HandiBot project.”

    John King

    John King

    “The HandiBot being portable was a significant bonus,” John adds. “Portable means more functionality, and an essentially unlimited work surface, with creative jig use.”

    Third Place kudos go to David Timperley for his Lathe (Updated) idea submission. Dave is a Motion GFX designer, desktop publisher, 3D artist, and film maker. He says, “I wish you guys good fortune with your endeavour. I’m happy to be able to contribute to the project!” Learn more about Dave at his website.

    Have you been thinking up ideas for the Handibot? Don’t be shy, put’ em up in Handibot App HQ!

    Dave Timperley

    Dave Timperley



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