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Red Button,and other things

Posted by rasbldrs 
Red Button,and other things
March 05, 2018 05:35AM
When I push the red button on the handibot to stop the machine to adjust something I can not start it again. On the computer it says Quit or Resume you can not do either the computer is froze, only way to resume is to turn off the handibot and start over.

Also when cutting yesterday I noticed a delay, I was using the arrows to move the router and would be a couple second delay more it would move, nothing different on Wi-Fi set up.

One last thing when tiling in the Y axis I put marks at 24" and does not line up correctly, I take my laser and mark my x=0, y=0 move the router to the end and mark where the laser line is and only 23 5/8" is that what I should be putting in for the y tile ?

Thanks in advance to all these newbie questions Bob
Re: Red Button,and other things
March 05, 2018 11:39AM
In talking with our software team last week--I have discovered that it is now possible to connect directly to a fabmo tool over ethernet. I will be rolling out instructions for this over the course of this week. For the newer cards (two stacked green pcbs) it is as simple as plugging an ethernet cable into the top of the card and waiting for the network to pop up on your computer or other device.
For the older cards (red sparkfun board and little USB cables) I think that a small router or hub is required...that's something I need to work out for my instructions.

I mention this because, after trying out the ethernet connection I found the responses of the tool to be sooooo drastically improved. Latency is cut by at least a factor of 10 (ping time) and the manual controls are super responsive. It is a much better experience.

So I think that some of the freezing issues are software bug related--but many of them may be latency related.

I'll post a new topic when I have the details worked out.
Re: Red Button,and other things
August 24, 2018 11:17PM
Did you post up any new info on hooking Up the Handibot using a Ethernet cable? I didnt see any new topic's on this..

Thank you

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