Make the Cut

with the Handibot® Smart Power Tool Adventure Edition

Handibot® Smart Power Tool Adventure Edition is the innovative power tool you can take anywhere and run from any WiFi-enabled device. Use it to perform precise and easily repeatable cutting, carving, machining, and milling operations. Work with wood, MDF, plastics, foams, and aluminum. All at the press of a button.

This is CNC, totally reimagined: less hassling, more making.

Take a quick look at The Handibot Smart Power Tool Adventure Edition and you might say, "OK, it's a small CNC router." Yes... But there's a whole lot more to it:

  • Unlike other CNC tools, the Handibot tool is pick-up-and-carry-portable! Simply place it directly on your material, whether it’s on a table, the floor, the wall, or even the ceiling. The tool cuts through its base into whatever you’re working on. You've got freedom to work wherever the work takes you.

  • The revolutionary new control software, FabMo, unleashes more freedom. This built-in digital fabrication and motion control system gives you the robust power of CNC technology while reducing the challenges of CNC:

    • You don't need to know how to use CAD and CAM software, you can simply use apps to make projects and run the tool to do simple jobs. If you want to work with the traditional CAD to CAM workflow, we provide access to two powerful software programs for creating CNC projects: VCarvePro ShopBot Edition and Autodesk Fusion360.

  • FabMo also lets you create anywhere you want. Control and monitor the Handibot tool from any WiFi-enabled device: a Mac or PC computer, an Android or iOS phone, or any tablet. This is wireless CNC! Learn more below in Software Developments.

    Grab your Handibot Smart Power Tool and your smartphone and go your own route: get to work at remote jobsites, manufacturing facilities, schools, makerspaces, Fab Labs, and home DIY workshops!


  • The open front allows you to change bits and move your material easily

  • Connect a vacuum to Handibot’s built in dust extraction system to collect sawdust from cutting and keep your shop clean while you work

  • Built-in clear hood helps cut down router noise, keeps sawdust and other waste isolated to the tool, and helps keep fingers safe

  • Handibot’s rigid, aluminum-reinforced frame and steel bearings ensure clean, precise cuts.

  • Electronic tool tip location makes changing tools during a job quick and reliable.


Optional accessories free you to carve your own unique path. Do 3D carving with the Handibot Rotary Axis. Use the Laser Sight to align your tool for quick hole cutting. Get the Large Material Indexing Jig and cut on larger materials, up to a 4’ x 8’ sheet. Cut paper and vinyl using a Drag Knife bit.


On the software side, huge news! The Handibot Smart Power Tool Adventure Edition is the first digital tool to run on the new software platform, FabMo — short for digital fabrication and motion.

FabMo is an open-source, digital fabrication and motion platform of software and hardware. Originated by the Handibot team at ShopBot Tools, FabMo has a powerful core motion system, G2, created by Synthetos. FabMo is available to be used and adapted by anyone, to run every digital smart tool imaginable, today and tomorrow.

Benefits of FabMo: The Highlights

Run Handibot from any device, anywhere

Use any WiFi-enabled device to run or monitor the tool's activity. Mac or PC computer, Android or iOS phone, any tablet. You don't even need to have Internet access; use Access Point Mode (AP Mode) and you'll be connected — you can be working with your Handibot tool in your cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Put away wires and USB sticks

As a network capable device, the Handibot tool does not depend on physical connectivity (e.g. via USB) with a computer or smart device to run a file. Once you hit "start," the file is on the Handibot tool's small onboard computer. No more connection failure issues to worry about when running a cut file.

Workflow the way you want it

If you'd like to use a CAD to CAM workflow such as with VCarve Pro or Fusion 360, feel free to do so. Now you can easily control the Handibot from the FabMo Dashboard via any web browser. But you can use the Apps approach instead, eliminating some potentially cumbersome steps. The Handibot ships with a number of ready-to-go Apps for doing various tasks (and more are being developed — want to get involved?). The Apps model makes it easier to work anywhere you want to be.

Learn more about FabMo


  • Quick Launch
  • Fire Up
  • TouchnGo
  • SB4
  • Hole-Cutter


  • Beamer
  • Text VCarve
  • Text Maker
  • Terrainman
  • Slot Machine
  • Partmaker

A self-updating tool
The Handibot Smart Power Tool Adventure Edition can pull software updates automatically via the Internet.

Learn more about FabMo software
and hardware at

A power tool in progress
The future of smart tools starts here: Handibot is an open source development project that invites your participation. We encourage the community of developers to work on hardware and software development, and even the manufacturing of the tool — we view this as the responsible and most efficient way for Handibot to evolve and meet its potential to serve the larger community's needs.

To learn more and get involved,
visit our Open Source page
Buy a Handibot Adventure Edition
"The Handibot tool allows schools without large budgets to bring the power of CNC into their STEM, industrial arts and other making-based learning programs." Chris Thompson
Founder and President
TEC Foundation and TEC Hubs

Development Team Report / June 2015

In our first development team report, we laid out our projected timing for our major initiatives. After 6 months, we have hit some of our targets and others have slid a bit. Below you will find a revised timeline — much of which is organized around the September release date for Handibot 2.0 and the […]


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