• This power tool runs on ideas. Got some to share?

    by  • September 8, 2013 • Handibot App HQ

    From the start, we’ve known that the key to success with our Handibot Smart Tool was a sort of “chicken/egg” problem. Which comes first? The smart tool, or the library of apps that run it? We believe the answer is “both.”

    Of course we now have a pretty amazing, and still evolving, Handibot Smart Tool, and we’ve had it running a handful of interesting applications (we’ve posted some video here at handibot.com). In a short time, we’ll have 75 new Handibot tools out in the field. Now is the time to really turn on the steam and start growing the library of useful, task-specific apps that will expand the utility of the tool and make it increasingly valuable to makers, builders and do-ers of many vocations and avocations.

    We’ve always believed the most productive, efficient and creative way to build a Handibot App library is to take it to the crowd for ideas, inspiration, and development. The more interesting the ideas, the more software developers will be inspired to jump in and turn them into apps in our open environment.

    To that end, and thanks to the successful Kickstarter campaign, we’re building a Handibot development eco-system where idea generators, and software and hardware developers can communicate and collaborate, building the future of Handibot for all sorts of jobs and projects!

    We start with Handibot App HQ.

    The first element of this eco-system is now live. It’s the Handibot App Headquarters  where you can jump in and share ideas for Handibot software apps, tool accessories, and ideas for updating/modifying the tool itself. You’ll be helping to encourage development of apps that will drive the tool.  Check out Handibot App HQ and share your ideas now!

    Don’t be shy about your descriptive or sketching skills…just get the idea up there and let others jump in and help out with it. We encourage your ACTIVE participation. You can also help by rating others’ app suggestions and providing comments to help hone the concept for app developers that read them. We’ll make it fun by giving high rating suggestions and really good comments prizes and Handibot swag. Soon, we’ll also begin posting information for developers that describes how to program apps for Handibots and discusses revenue-sharing arrangements.

    For the moment, jump in! Help us start to elaborate the kinds of things that “smart tools” are going to become as they leverage technology in the hands of makers and doers.

    Michael Berliner


    Michael Berliner is a freelance copywriter and strategist for ShopBot Tools and its web properties shopbottools.com, handibot.com, 100kGarages.com, and 100kSchools.org. He's endlessly curious about new technologies and helping humans get the most out of them. www.linkedin.com/in/michaelpberliner/ mberliner.shopbot@gmail.com